Devon energy do not pay ther bills

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Devon Energy tears up roads and has Roger's construction to hire paving contractor's and then only pays the paving contractor half of what the job is worth,Then when you call Devon energy they don't respond and all rogers does is blame it on Devon. They say devon only wanted to fix the road half way right and they won't pay us for any extra work done so how can we pay you.

Well roger's construction should not relye on sub contractors to hire paving companeys and pretend that to devon energy that they are doing it. devon needs to contact me and they no whats going on or the negitive publisitey will continue

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Monetary Loss: $65.

Devon Energy Tear"s Up Private Road's

Livingston, New Jersey 1 comment

Devon Energy hire's contractors such as roger's construction from grahm tx that don't do paving so they find other asphalt companey's to do the work.They put about 30% on top of the bill. Roger's told me devon want's to pave the city street as cheap as possible so we started the job very quickly and the whole town was out there and said the road was not 12 feet wide when Devon energy promise to put it back better then what is was.So we made a call to a sub contractor of Roger's hired and they told us to make the city happy, so we did ,very happy but when they got the bill they only wanted to pay for 12 feet of road.

We called Devon energy and never got no response so maybe this will get there respect. More negative articles will be posted until this is resolved.

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We are very happy with the road and devon energy need's to pay.

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